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Scrip Cards

It's Back...


Our scrip company, Shop With Scrip, has LOTS OF EXCITING features like paying directly out of your checking account, being able to purchase and receive e-giftcards immediately, and even re-filling cards online. We really feel this will open up this fundraiser program to more hockey families that want to take advantage of getting money back when they shop.

Information about getting started can be found below - if you have questions, contact Lisa McVicker!


Located in the southeast corner of the rink (towards the benches) is the location of the Scrip mailboxes. We will be picking up your payments and placing your scrip orders at this location. Please secure your payment in a sealed envelope and place into the outgoing mail slot of the mailboxes.  

When you place your order, I will assign you a mailbox.  You will be sharing with several other people due to the popularity of the program and the limited number of mailboxes. I will then leave your key at the front desk for pick-up.  Please do not lose your key - you will have to pay to have it replaced.


Q: What is scrip?
A: It’s just a fancy name for gift cards. You pay face value and get a percentage back toward your hockey player’s tuition and fees.

Q: How do I order?
A: Set up an online account, select which gift cards you want, and then place your order online.

Q: How often can I order?
A: With "Shop With Scrip", you can order ScripNow (using Presto Pay) and get gift cards immediately, any time! Due to the popularity of the ScripNow program, we will only be placing orders for "plastic" or traditional gift cards approximately twice a month. See schedule posted to the right of this column.

Orders for plastic cards will be placed every once a month during the off season (April-August). 

*NOTE: we must have a minimum of $500 per order, otherwise the order will be placed on the next order date (you will be notified)

Q: Which businesses can I purchase scrip for?
A: There are HUNDREDS of participating retailers – here is a small sampling of some of the more popular ones... (percentages may change). See list here:

Q: When will I see the credit for scrip purchases?
A: During the season, scrip credits will be applied to your player’s NCYH account once a month.


Lisa McVicker
Scrip Manager



Because of the availability to so many "instant" scrip varieties, orders for traditional gift cards will be limited to the first Fridays of every month thru the season. 

Orders for "traditional" scrip cards will placed on the first Friday of the Month. Delivery will be on the following Friday. Order dates: October 6, November , November 14th (black Friday order), December 1, January 5, February 2, March 2, and April 6. 

For all orders, NCYH will collect 1% of purchases from vendors that offer more than a 4% discount.  This is to defray shipping and program costs.

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