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10/13/2020, 9:45am MDT

NoCo Ice Center will begin to allow ONE spectator per player at games only.
This number of ONE per player will be strictly enforced and the spectator MUST be related to the player.

  • Each spectator MUST wear a facial covering over their nose and mouth the entire time they are in the viewing area, including while seated, and MUST be distanced a minimum of 6 feet from all other spectators.

  • There will be spots inside the viewing area marked with an 'X' - these will be the spots where people are allowed to view.

  • NO spectators are allowed to watch while in the NoCo lobby or the lobby viewing area unless they physically cannot climb the stairs to the viewing area.

  • NO spectators are allowed in the hallways next to the ice surface unless they are using/returning from the restroom.

  • There will be NO LOITERING allowed in the hallways next to the ice surface.

  • ALL spectators will enter the viewing area from the MAIN entrance (SOUTH door) and will receive a temperature check.

  • Spectators will be allowed to enter the rink ten minutes prior to the start of a game.

  • Each spectator will need to head directly through the lobby and into the viewing area and may NOT stop or enter the Eagle's Nest.

  • Each spectator entering the viewing area must be able to safely navigate a flight of stairs to the viewing area.

  • ALL spectators will need to leave the rink within ten minutes after the game/practice is completed, and ALL spectators must use the EAST exit to leave the facility.

  • Any spectator wanting to patronize the Eagle's Nest MUST exit the building via the East door and enter the Eagle's Nest through the WEST door.

    1) NoCo Ice Center will allow ONE spectator per player for games only- Masks worn entire time- Enter through main entrance- Spectator entrance to rink TEN MINUTES (10) BEFORE GAME-Proceed immediately to the stands- Lobby/Hallways are not open for spectators


2) Teams / Players should not arrive more than thirty five (35) minutes prior to game time. They will not be permitted access. Teams/Players will enter through front entrance. Exit the facility through the East side door.

4) All team personnel will receive a thermal temperature scan

5) Players/Coaches/Spectators are required to wear masks throughout the facility. While entering, dressing, on ice,
exiting. Coaches/Scorekeepers/penalty box people will be required to wear masks entire time. This includes coaches while on the bench. Per the Larimer County Health Department- Anyone over the age of 10 must wear a mask at all times.

6) There will be no handshake line following the game.

7) Teams will have twenty (20) minutes to exit the locker room / facility following their game, so
NoCo staff has time to clean and disinfect prior to the arrival of the next teams.

8) Players must have their own water bottle clearly identified with their name on it.

NoCo Ice Center does have Livebarn.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I have a small child to take care of while my other child is on the ice...can I watch from the viewing area?

No - Only ONE spectator is allowed per player so you will not be allowed to watch.

2. My husband helps coach my child's team...can I watch from the viewing area?

Yes - Since he is coaching, he is not considered a spectator.

3. We have two children on the ice at the same time...can two spectators watch from the viewing area?

Yes - Since ONE spectator is allowed per player, you would be allowed to have two people watch.

4. One family will NOT have someone in the viewing area watching their child...can my family have TWO people to make up for the fact that the other family will have ZERO?

No - If a player does not have someone there to watch him/her, we will NOT be allowing a different family to have TWO people.

5. My child has grandparents in to watch from out of town...can you make an exception?

No - We are not going to make exceptions in any case, including multiple relatives who have traveled from out of town.

6. What will the repercussions be if the above mandates are ignored?

The families of the team that is involved will immediately lose its viewing privileges at NoCo Ice Center

7. Other places we go and/or rinks we visit have more people in the stands than you allow and don't require facial coverings...Why is NoCo Ice Center different?

We can't control what other facilities or associations do. We can only control NoCo Ice Center's approach and how we feel we can best deal with the changing environment of COVID-19.

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