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Adult Hockey League

Low C Free Agent Rate Skate

10/2/22 6:45pm @ NOCO

D League Free Agent Rate Skate

10/3/22 8:30pm @ NOCO


Click HERE to go to the registration page and see more information about each league
B League: No Winter B League, Only Summer B League
D League: Starts Monday October 3rd (Free Agent Skate)
League Games start Monday, October 10th
Low C League: Starts Sunday October 2nd (Free Agent Skate)
League Games start Sunday, October 9th
High C Leauge: Starts Sunday October 2nd


NoCo Adult Leagues are bring your own team but free agents can also register and be placed on teams who need players. You are guaranteed a spot in a league if you register and pay as long as the league is not filled up.

NoCo has several levels during two leagues in the calendar year. Winter League runs from October to May. Summer League runs from June to August. Each league is a bring your own team format but free agents can sign up and be placed on team of directors choosing. We trust that everyone is signing up for the appropriate league to keep parity between teams. Click HERE for more information and registration details on each league. See Rating Scale on the registration page.

*Low C and D League, captains are limited to bringing a max of 10 players plus a goalie. The remaining 5 spots will be filled with free agents based on needs to balance teams. 

Click the "Register Online" link next to your desired league to see all the details about that and registration options for that specific league. Players wanting to join the NoCo Adult League that don't know which level to join, please email a detailed description of your hockey history to league director so they can determine appropriate league. 


We use league reps to help ensure the health and success throughout the season as well as input scores and stats from each game. These reps are an avenue for players to voice concerns and not feel like they are complaining. They are always around and willing to help and were selected out of a group of individuals. Their passion for the league is unparalleled and we have no doubt they will help with the continued success of the NoCo's Adult League.

Sunday High C League
Paul Richardson --

Sunday Low C League
Jimmy Jordan --

Thursday Summer B League
 Jake Marto --

Monday D League
Mark Alessi --


Tie breakers will be determined with the following priorities:

  • Head to Head
  • Goal differential
  • Overall Goals against
  • Overall least amount of Penalty minutes
  • Coin Toss

Regular Season: A/B/Low C/ High C Leagues- 5 minute (run clock) sudden death 3-on-3. Games end in tie if no one scores.
D League: Best of 3 shootout followed by sudden death shootout. Must go through all players on bench before anyone can go again. 

Playoffs: 5 minute (stop clock) sudden death 3-on-3, best of 3 shoot out, and then sudden death shoot out.

Championship: 5 Minute (stop clock) sudden death 5-on-5 followed by sudden death 3-on-3


Jake Marto
Director of the High C and B Leagues

  • 970-206-4423

Kevin Ulanski
Director of the Low C and D Leagues

  • 970-206-4423

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