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NCYH Foundation


The Northern Colorado Youth Hockey (NCYH) Foundation is the philanthropic arm of NCYH and has been established to develop resources to give back to the hockey community in Northern Colorado.
NCYH Foundation feels that sports can teach life skills through the game of hockey which teaches core values such as commitment, perseverance, sportsmanship and teamwork. NCYH is proud to be one of Colorado's leading youth hockey organizations and our goal is to offer the opportunity for our young players to learn those same core values, regardless of their financial position.
One of the objectives of NCYH is to broaden hockey participation among the youth of Northern Colorado. In an effort to fulfill this objective, the NCYH Foundation will offer financial assistance, through funds raised by the Foundation's own efforts, to selected young people and their families who wish to participate in organized hockey, but may have limited financial resources to do so. By giving qualified families the opportunity, the NCYH Foundation will help establish a solid foundation for young people and give them some valuable life tools through the game of hockey.
It is our desire to help develop young people who can make a positive contribution to society and hopefully enrich the lives of future generations. Through your generosity, the NCYH Foundation will be able to fund scholarships for participants to play for NCYH and provide the best quality environment for young people to participate in competitive and recreational hockey.
The NCYH Foundation will annually distribute a minimum of 60% in independently raised funds to scholarship programs, a maximum of 20% of the raised funds may be used for unusual circumstances to assist families in need and a maximum of 20% of the funds can be earmarked for capital improvements of the NoCo Ice Center which is wholly owned by NCYH.
To contribute to the NCYH Foundation, please contact NCYH Foundation Advisory Board Chairman John Hall, Chairperson of Hall Solutions Group.


Northern Colorado Youth Hockey (NCYH) is pleased to offer its Scholarship Program to NCYH members. The Scholarship Program is funded from various fundraising initiatives through the NCYH Foundation. Additionally,  due to the limited amount of scholarship funds available and the number of applications received each year, the NCYH Board of Directors and NCYH Foundation Advisory Board have established the following requirements and parameters for Scholarship Applicants:

Scholarship Applications must be submitted to the NCYH Hockey Office on or before August 15th to be considered for the upcoming season.
  • Applicant must already be registered for the 2023-24 season and have paid for the Registration Fee before submitting a Scholarship Application.
  • Applicant must be a member of NCYH for a minimum of one year – first year NCYH members are not eligible.
  • Scholarship recipients may receive a maximum of three NCYH scholarships during their playing career at NCYH.
  • Scholarship amounts are for NCYH Tuition only – registration fees and team assessment fees are not included.
  • The maximum scholarship amount under the scholarship program is 60% of NCYH tuition. Scholarship amounts may be adjusted based upon several criteria including but not limited to the following: number of years in NCYH, number of years receiving a scholarship, amount/type of parents volunteering within NCYH, parental income amount, etc.
  • Verified total family income from the previous year tax returns and/or annualized current year pay stub shall not exceed $50,000.
  • Applicant account with NCYH must be in good standing.
Additionally, the NCYH Board of Directors has established the following guidelines for granting and utilizing scholarship awards:
  • The original calculated scholarship amount awarded to an applicant is a projected amount based upon the team fees of the projected team the applicant will make for for the upcoming season.
  • Original calculated scholarship amounts are based upon the projected ice fees as determined by the NCYH BOD at the beginning of the Hockey Season.
  • Scholarship amounts are credited to the applicant's  accounts in conjunction with the payment terms of the applicant's NCYH ice fees. In other words the entire amount of the scholarship will not be funded until the regularly scheduled NCYH tuition payments are due and paid.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to complete community service at NCYH.
Final scholarship amounts may be adjusted based upon the following:
  • Applicant is selected to a different team than the team that the original scholarship amount was based upon.
  • Applicant becomes past due on any uncovered/remaining NCYH fees.
  • Applicant is not current on their team assessment fees.
In order for a Scholarship Applicant to be considered for a NCYH Scholarship, the following items are required to be submitted along with the Scholarship Application:
  • Complete copy of most recent federal income tax return filed by parent(s)/guardian(s) of applicant
  • Copy of applicant player's most recent academic report card
  • Letter written to Scholarship Committee that defines the scholarship request, explains any special personal circumstances relating to the scholarship request, and explains the reasoning for the scholarship request. Letter should also address the parent(s)/guardian(s) availability and commitment to volunteer within NCYH, and the parent(s)/guardian(s) availability to participate/work in the NCYH and NCYH Foundation fundraisers (Golf Tournament, Annual Banquet, Chuck-A-Puck at Colorado Eagles/BEC and Pepsi Center etc) to assist in paying for hockey related expenses.
  • Letter from player-applicant indicating what hockey means to the player
Please ensure that your application is complete and all of the above-required information is submitted to The NCYH Foundation at the NCYH Hockey Office (hard copies only -- no fax or emails will be accepted). Should an application be incomplete or not contain all of the required information the NCYH Foundation will try to contact you to obtain the information. However, this may delay the processing of your application and may cause the application to miss the deadline to be submitted to the NCYH Foundation. 
We are very pleased to offer the NCYH Scholarship Program and the opportunity it offers to assist children in continuing to play hockey. Should you have any questions, please direct them to


Must be submitted by

August 15, 2023
to be considered for scholarship