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Volunteering at NCYH


Sometimes when you know a lot about hockey and your hockey association, it can be very easy to commit to doing too much. On the flip side, when you are new to hockey or your hockey association, it can be quite easy to shy away as well.

"I always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." -- Lily Tomlin

There is no "I" in Team but there is a "u" in volunteer!" -- Unknown

"The world is full of willing people, some willing to work, the others willing to let them." -- Robert Frost

Unlike other hockey associations NCYH does not require parents to fulfill a volunteer requirement each season. However, we strongly encourage that every parent gets involved in at least one activity throughout the year. The reason? There are several actually:

  • Spread the commitment across the association to all families instead of relying on just a few repeat families
  • Be supportive of the entire association in its mission to provide quality youth hockey and the memorable experiences it can bring to northern Colorado communities
  • Meet more parents -- this could be on your team, to other teams within your player's division, and even beyond to other divisions within the association

Tips for novice and experienced volunteers:


Assist the Team Manager -- There are many responsibilities that can be assumed by parents rather than having the Team Manager be responsible for everything. Each family on the team should take on at least one role -- this could be overseeing team fundraising, researching tournaments, being in charge of the first aid kit, keeping track of the Goal Can, producing team roster cards, maintaining the team's page on the NCYH website, organizing team parties, finding a community volunteer opportunity, and many more. If all parents take on one role for the season, responsibilities can be shared by the entire team and make for a less stressful year.

Get Help -- If your time commitments change or you find you're just not good at something, don't hesitate to ask for help. If you're going to be out of town, ask other parents to share the responsibility of items like water bottles, first aid kit, etc. If you are new to a task, ask parents who have had previous experience their thoughts and opinions.

Share the Wealth -- There are hundreds of families in the association and of course several parents on each team. Let others share in the responsibilities and association activities so we can grow volunteer experience as everyone's children move up through the divisions.

Stay in Contact -- Teams should post volunteer opportunities on their team webpage, however news articles will be posted to the main NCYH website about association-wide volunteer opportunities.

Stay Positive -- As with all youth sports we hope each parent is positive before, during, and after game time but this also extends to off ice activities as well. If you are unsure of a volunteer activity or have a suggestion, discuss it in a proactive manner with the appropriate people. We welcome ways we can improve the association to benefit all players.

With nearly 500 players in our association there are plenty of tips and tricks to be shared in making a season have a smoother planning process. So we ask our seasoned volunteers to help spread this knowledge to our novice volunteers. To get started look over the different options at any of these levels: within your team, at association wide events, or on the Advisory Committee. Time commitments can vary greatly at each of these levels (one time event, to a few times a month, to weekly) so be prepared to know how you much time you are able to commit.

Helping with the association or your team in any capacity will make the hockey season more fun and rewarding for all involved. There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get involved, so fill out the Volunteer Form on our Volunteer Page today or chat with your Team Manager.