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Association Raffle


·       $10 per ticket

·       All proceeds benefit players from Northern Colorado Youth Hockey

·       Tickets can be purchased from an NCYH Player

·       Special Details

o   Need not be present at any drawing to win

o   All winning tickets from any drawing will be entered into any subsequent drawings




All drawings held at NoCo Ice Center / 7900 Fairgrounds Ave / Fort Collins, CO  

MON, Jan 6, 2020 PRIZES

Drawing at 7:00 pm in NoCo Lobby
Five (5) Early Bird Prizes of $150
Ten (10) Early Bird Prizes of $75

MON, JAN 27, 2020 PRIZES

Drawing at 7:00 pm in NoCo Lobby
Four (4) Early Bird Prizes of $400
Eight (8) Early Bird Prizes of $200


MON, FEB 10, 2020 PRIZES

Drawing at 7:00 pm in NoCo Lobby
One (1) Grand Prize of $3000
Two (2) Second Place Prizes of $1500
Three (3) Third Place Prizes of $500

** Winning ticket numbers and names of winners will be posted on this page directly after each drawing


·       Raise money for the association to lower costs to all members

·       This is a mandatory fundraiser for every player within the Northern Colorado Youth Hockey Association

Every player must sell a minimum number of tickets according to their league 

  • CCYHL -- 12 tickets for total of $120
  • CRHL -- 8 tickets for total of $80
  • U8 -- 6 tickets for total of $60

Second, third, etc. player within multiple registered family must each sell the following number of tickets

  • CCYHL -- 9 tickets for total of $90
  • CRHL -- 6 tickets for total of $60
  • U8 -- 5 tickets for total of $50




Tickets will be available to all players in Early December 2019 and distributed to Association Raffle Coordinators who will pass along to the families in their team. Once a raffle ticket is sold it is considered NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE and CANNOT be replaced if lost or stolen. Cash is preferred when selling the tickets, but checks will be accepted if made out to NCYH with a memo that states "Association Fundraiser." Monies and ticket stubs should be submitted to Team Raffle Coordinator who will return to the NCYH Office. Team Raffle Coordinators and Raffle Manager will work together to ensure all player participation.

It is the responsibility of the PLAYER to write his/her name and team on the back side of all sold ticket stubs so they receive credit for selling each of their tickets. Final date of monies and ticket stub submission to Team Raffle Coordinator will be Monday, February 3, 2020.


The Jan 6, 2020 Early Bird Prize Drawings will take place at 7:00 pm. The Jan 27, 2020 Early Bird Prize Drawings will take place at 7:00 pm. The Feb 10, 2020 Grand Prize Drawings will take place at 7:00 pm. All drawings held at NoCo Ice Center at 7900 Fairgrounds Avenue, Fort Collins, CO 80528.

(for purchasers)

Q: How will the raffle prizes be drawn?
A: Winners will be drawn for each raffle prize starting with the lowest prize amount first. Any winning tickets drawn for each raffle prize WILL be placed back in the drum for any subsequent drawings.


Q: How will I be notified if I win but do not attend the drawing?
A: Winners will be notified via email, phone, or mail after the drawing has concluded and were not present. Be sure to include all contact information on the submitted ticket stub so we may contact you accordingly. Abbreviated names will also be posted to the association website at this location. Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks of the drawing to the winners.


Q: Do you have to be present at the drawing to win?
A: No, each ticket will have contact information as required by CO Gaming to notify the winner once the drawing is complete. Please ensure that each purchased ticket has all required info.


Q: How will the multiple prizes be awarded if this is a raffle?
At 7:00 pm on Jan 6, 2020 / Jan 27, 2020 / and Feb 10, 2020 we will draw tickets for the NCYH Raffle at NoCo Ice Center located at 7900 Fairgrounds Ave in Fort Collins, CO. On Jan. 6, ten (10) Early Bird Prizes of $75 and five (5) Early Bird Prizes of $150 will be drawn. On Jan 27, eight (8) Early Bird prizes of $200 and four (4) Early Bird Prizes of $400 will be drawn. On Feb 10, three (3) Third Place prizes of $500. The second to be drawn will be the two (2) Second Place prizes of $1500. The last to be drawn will be the single Grand Prize of $3000.

(for players)

Q: Is it mandatory?
A: Yes, this is an association wide fundraiser to ensure lower costs to all members.  This includes all U8 teams, all CCYHL teams (Bantam, Pee Wee, Squirt), and CRHL (Midget, Bantam, Pee Wee, Squirt).


Q: What if I don't want to sell the tickets?
A: All players are required to participate in this mandatory all association fundraiser as is outlined in the NCYH Bylaws and your enrollment contract. However, if a family chooses to just "write a check" to cover the costs of the required tickets they have to sell, then we will assign these tickets as purchased by the family and mailed to their address on file. If any of those tickets are drawn as a winning number, we will contact the family immediately to determine if they will keep the winnings or donate them to someone else or to NCYH.


Q: What about families with multiple players in the association?
A: A family with multiple players registered must sell a minimum of tickets for the first child within their league. For CCYHL this is 12 tickets, CRHL this is 8 tickets, and U8 this is 6 tickets. For each child thereafter, the minimum tickets go down to 9 tickets for CCYHL, 8 tickets for CRHL and 5 tickets for U8.


Q: If I sell more than the minimum tickets required can the overage go to my player account?
A: Due to CO Gaming rules, you cannot remunerate funds from a raffle to individual accounts. Raffle proceeds must benefit all members of the association.


Q: Can I really sell these tickets?
A: Yes, NCYH has a CO Gaming License (2019-13728 & 2020-14918) for the 2019-2020 calendar years authorizing the sale of raffle tickets. You can sell these tickets at the office, in the neighborhood, to friends and family, business or personal associates like your doctor, dentist, etc. If someone requests the license number it is printed on each individual ticket.


Q: Are there any age restrictions?
A: No. There is no minimum age to sell tickets. A minor cannot BUY a ticket, however if it is given as a gift the minor can receive the winnings if his/her ticket is drawn.



Toshia Paul 
Raffle Manager

CO Gaming Licenses




Final Drawing - Winning Tickets 


MON, FEB 10, 2020 

One (1) Grand Prize of $3000-

#2269- P. THOMAS 

Two (2) Second Place Prizes of $1500

#3136- J. SPINA 

#0204- J. HEIN

Three (3) Third Place Prizes of $500

#3362- D. BORCHARD

#4754- C. WHAITE

#1701- D. AGUIAR


Congratulations to all our winners! A big thank you to everyone that participated!!!! 


Early Bird Drawing #2 - Winning Tickets 

NCYH Early Bird Raffle Drawing # 2- Jan 27, 2020 Winners!


$200 Winners-

#1325- B. Elder

#3300- M. Medina

#2222- Iverson

#4303- R. Mainwaring

#4100- J. Carmosino

#0352- K. Iversen

#3644- T. Wicklund

#0146- K. Nolke


$400 Winners-

#4529- C. Popov

#1916- N. Hielscher

#3758- J. Hines

#2281- L. Butler




Early Bird Drawing #1-- Winning Tickets

Jan 6, 2020 Early Bird Drawing #1--- Raffle ticket winners!!!


$75 Winners

#4189- S. Koch

#1919- J. McBride

#1979- B. Phinney

#3546- K. Johnson

#2030- B. Johnson

#3059- S. Charron

#4159- J. Mill

#3482- C. Graham

#1929- J. Morrow

#4456- P. Marin


$150 Winners

#4090- D Bucholt

#3227- H. Ginnis

#0415- E. Richardson

#0015- J. Carson

#2741- J. Lukasik