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Open Skate

Public Skate Sessions

Public Sessions are scheduled throughout the week when ice time allows.

Please click on the ICE SCHEDULE tab to view our ice map and locate the public sessions daily as they are subject change.

Open Skate Info


-$5 for admission (all ages)
-$5 for skate rental


-very limited open skates during hockey season
-check 'ICE SCHEDULE TAB' to see open skate times.

Birthday Parties

  • NoCo no longer offers birthday party packages due to limited space and open ice availability. 
  • You can still have a birthday party during any open skate (check ICE SCHEDULE tab).
  • Cost is the standard admission rate of $5 per skater and an additional $5 for skate rental.


Look at our
to learn times


Please note this will open a new window. Look for the line called NoCo Ice Center and the green highlighted times of "Open Skate" as noted by the yellow areas on the picture at right.

TIP: Click on "Week" on the drop down menu of the Schedule link to see Monday-Sunday

PLEASE NOTE: Due to being a primarily hockey facility offering youth and adult league programs Open Skate times are very limited times during September through February as hockey practices and games take priority. However during the offseason (March-August) or major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, President's Day) more Public Open Skates will be scheduled on the weekends.


If a private lesson is conducted during a Public Skate at NoCo, both the instructor AND the skater must pay the admission fee of $5.00 No areas of the ice are permitted to be sectioned off for private lessons. Goalie lessons are not permitted to be conducted with a net during public skating sessions.

COACHES: All Coaches MUST present their insurance certificate and "green light" credentials to Liz Egetoe at a minimum of 24 hours prior to conducting the lesson. Both, insurance and credentials, may be emailed to: