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Adult League Registration


  • Team Captains have to register the team before their players can sign up to be on their team. In the registration page, select the option 'I am registering a new team.' 
  • Captains must have at least 10 players plus a goalie to reserve a team spot (contact director if you need a goalie). You can bring a full team of 15 skaters as long as everyone is rated for the desired league. Low C league and D league captains must bring a MAX of 10 players plus a goalie to register a team. 
  • If you register a team and have less than 10 skaters, you and your players may be moved to the free agent group to make room for a full team. 

Players on Captains Roster

  • If you are on a captains roster and rated to be in your respected league, you have to register AFTER your captain registers the team.
  • You are NOT guaranteed a spot in the league. You have to register before the league fills up. Every league in the winter has completely filled up over the last few years so be sure to register early.

Free Agents

  • If you are not on a teams roster, you can register as a free agent by selecting the option in the registration form, 'I am an individual registering.'
  • Free agents will be placed on teams in order they registered until the teams are full.  Please sign up early
  • DO NOT register as a free agent goalie. Goalies must be on a teams roster in order to sign up. If you are not a goalie on a captains roster, email director to see if a team has an opening and be put on the sublist.


Our leagues are based on a rating scale of 1-10. 1 being a true beginner who can barely skate and 10 being a college D-1/Pro/Tier 1 Junior Player. Ratings are determined by league reps and director. Obviously ratings are subjective but it at least gives us a guideline for each league.

D Level: Beginner-novice skill (These players are new to the game or have very little experience)

  • Your rating for this league must be between a 1-4. Average D league player is rated a 3. Sometimes a 5 is allowed on a weaker team.

Low C Level: Novice skill (These players generally did not play youth hockey but have years of experience. Some have played youth hockey but at low levels or are older)

  • The rating scale for this league is 3-5. The average Low C player is rated a 4.

High C Level: Intermediate skill (These players have years of experience but generally never played at a high level. Players played low level youth hockey or started as a young adult)

  • The rating scale for this league is 5-7. The average High C player is rated a 6.

B Level: Intermediate-Advanced skill (These players have played youth hockey at a high level i.e. AA, AAA, Juniors, College) 

  • The rating scale for this league is 6-8. The average B player is rated a 7. Since this is our highest level, 9 and 10 ratings are allowed to play if they are spread out. 


How to Register (Registration opens 9/6/22 at 5:00pm)

  • Click the "Register Online" link next to your desired league to see all the details about the league and register. Be sure to click the link in the 'Upcoming Leagues' box, not the 'Current Leagues.'
  • Goalies get reduced rate so be sure to select the 'Goalie' option in the drop down menu after you select 'I am registering for a team.'
  • If you have never played at NoCo, please email director and describe your hockey history. 

*Low C and D League

  • Captains can bring a maximum of 10 players plus a goalie.
  • The remaining 1-5 spots will be filled with free agents after a rating session. These players will be placed on teams by league director, team captains, and league rep.