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MS Hockey Schedule

Here is the game line up for this Tuesday for the middle school hockey league.




Blackhawks #1 

Knights #2 

Wild #3

Kings #4 


Tuesday, May 24 Game Line Up 

6:00pm---  Hawks vs Kings (#1 vs #4) 

7:15pm --- Knights vs Wild (#2 vs #3) 



After Tuesday games we will update on the final games for the season that take place on Thursday, May 26th


Please note: there could be some slight movement after the first few games to ensure a balance of skill level on each team. We try our best in the spring leagues to first honor requests for sibling/carpools which can greatly affect team strength and from there build the teams to have parity between rec and travel hockey skaters/goalies.

Black Hawks 
Coach: Dan Van Arsdall

S. Berman
C. Bureau
R. Byrd
B. Chartier
G. Chartier
J. Colavolpe
T. Colonnello
C. Howshar
B. Keim
L. LeVan
O. McDaniel
S. Mcdaniel
W. Nerby
J. Schump
W. Schump
R. Schutte
J. Siegel
A. Van Arsdall


Coach: Scoo Leary

C. Baily
J. Baran
P. Bowers
P. Cann
L. Champagne
A. Clark
C. Ehni
C. Gallegos
I. Godenitz
T. Grill
P. Hay
M. Killebrew
L. Landrigan
K. Leary
P. McCarron
F. Phillips
E. Richardson
M. Ross
C. Wicklund

Golden Knights

Coach: Rory Mill

L. Adler


C. Adams
T. Adams
C. Aldaz
X. Clements
R. Dawdy
R. Diggins
Z. Dove
Z. Dove
G. Fernandez
H. Gryskiewicz
C. Kehm
R. Klassen
T. LaPlante
J. Mainwaring
J. Martell
A. Mill
H. Miller



Coach: Mark Nielsen and Luke Phippen

B. Benson
A. Brooks
J. Bumpus
L. Donaldson
L. Dunham
A. Figlestahler
Z. Figlestahler
W. Glantz
Z. Hamblen
O. Hogan
L. Koval
A. Kremer
B. Kremer
R. Kubla
T. Maier
Z. Nielsen
R. phippen
J. Regan
L. Rivera
C. Wardle

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