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Safe Sport

From the Colorado Amateur Hockey League website:

"CAHA is committed to not only improving the skill development of its Members but also the continuous safety and the welfare of its Members. CAHA believes that creating a “child–safe” organization depends on having clear structures and an open and aware culture in place.  This includes implementing child protection safeguards and ensuring all personnel, children and members feel confident and comfortable speaking out. It is the role of the governing state body to the sport and to set standards for all Members. For this reason, CAHA is making compliance with USA Hockey SafeSport Program a condition of affiliation. CAHA supports full implementation of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program including the assignment of a Member SafeSport Coordinator, and requires each organization to read, understand and know the USA Hockey SafeSport Program. The USA Hockey SafeSport Program is designed to provide clear guidelines and expectations for all players, coaches and organization members on:
   - Abuse or misconduct prevention strategies
   - Appropriate behavior 
   - Effective response to concerns
   - Training and education

CAHA is committed to taking the steps to fully implementing a state wide SafeSport program starting with the 2013-2014 season.  Implementation of the SSP requires more than just stating, “We shall follow the USAH Hockey and CAHA policies/procedures.” It requires  the implementation of a local program that raises the awareness of child abuse, provides training, and protects the players, coaches, and volunteers.   

CAHA has worked with a reconginzed expert in the field, Michele Peterson Consulting to develop the CAHA SafeSport Program.  Additionally, CAHA has contracted with Michele to support Associations and Independent Teams in developing and implementing their local SafeSport Handbook and policies.

CAHA realizes the need for the Associations and Independent Teams to incrementally implement the SafeSport Program at the local level."