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U8 Team Placements

As discussed at the Parent Meetings above is the practice/power/game schedule for the season. Emails about team placements will be sent before 7 pm on Sun, Oct 7.

Click below to see the full list of placements on our website with your specific team. We are looking for PARENT COORDINATORS! If your team does not have one, please contact Kim Stolz at as soon as possible. Remember we need at least one parent from each team.

If you did not receive an email, please contact Sarah Nelson at to check on your email address within our database.

If you have any questions on LEVEL placement, please contact Riley Nelson at anytime AFTER Mon, Oct 8. Please note: there will be no team movements within a level for balance of numbers.


Blue Falcons Blue Pioneers        Blue Rams         Blue Tigers       
T. Barevich T. Boersma J. Bliss L. Bach
J. Doherty N. Burge X. Clements C. Bertrand
A. Dudek J. Carmosino H. Ginnis M. Gilfanov
C. Johnson T. Dairon N. Guy O. Hogan
B. Lafflam S. Fechheimer K. Ibarra B. Odom
M. Marincic G. Johnson C. Leffler J. Owen
K. Robinson B. Martinez A. Mill G. Payne
W. Schump C. Rhamy B. Obester H. Pence
A. Winges S. Wiatrowski R. Slocum G. Snyder
** Need Parent
  ** Need Parent


Yellow Falcons Yellow Pioneers  Yellow Rams       Yellow Tigers 
C. Adams D. Berg B. Bauer H. Addy
W. Carlson T. Boyer P. Cann W. Johnson
A. Cerda-Serrano T. Golembiewski C. Dieball N. Manguso
N. Hibma M. Gross J. Dieball K. Marmulak
L. Hightower M. Haddon C. Keim L. Marr
M. Miles T. Haddon P. Kurtz G. Pence
K. Miller T. Roth J. Obester M. Rennemeyer
W. Smith C. Schumacher R. Parent-Foster M. Weber
B. Stone S. Snyder A. Sullivan-Haskins A. Yeutter
C. Zulkoski L. Zuieback    
  ** Need Parent
  ** Need Parent


RH Falcons  RH Pioneers RH Rams     RH Tigers    
E. Aguiar M. Adler L. Basalay N. Burge
J. Anderson B. Cesar O. Burmeister C. Christian
B. Bureau J. Edge C. Carlson D. Coursey
J. Gall E. Foster S. Jones S. Holbrook
C. Haynes B. Lueck W. Jurjovec K. Johnson
G. Housley Z. Mallonee R. Lyons I. Landrigan
A. Miller T. Milligan M. Murphy G. Munholland
R. Shamley M. Orr B. Peterson H. Nelson
S. Spencer C. Payne B. Schneekloth K. Tobler
C. Wallower S. Romero H. Winick S. Todd
  T. Sexter C. Ziebell  
  ** Need Parent
** Need Parent


RL Falcons      RL Pioneers     RL Rams           RL Tigers       
E. Adams C. Anderson A. Borchard O. Frey
L. Curnutt L. Bennett T. Carriker J. Glass
C. Golding E. Ellis C. Cey O. Harrelson
J. Maccarini B. Hielscher K. Feighny K. Korth
K. Moinester G. Housley G. Hau E. Leary
C. Pierson E. Nelms T. Hickey B. Phinney
I. Seidel A. Sirois E. Lindsey R. Smith
T. Stowell T. Tucker F. Phippen T. Springer
B. Veum B. Vanderbloom F. Sundberg M. Troy
  ** Need Parent