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Disclaimers of Learn to Skate


- Use of rental skates are included in class fee and do not cost extra
- LTS registrants only (no siblings or parents) may use the open skate space for practice in between classes
- Recommend layered clothing like jacket, gloves, long pants
- No helmets are provided -- may bring your own bicycle, ski, or hockey helmet for use
- Please arrive 15-30 minutes prior to your class start time to check in, get skates if needed, and have your skater ready to be on the ice for class

- Hockey Participants MUST pass Snowplow Sam 3 or Basic Skills 2 in order to take any of the Hockey Classes.


As a single sheet arena, NoCo Ice Center works to schedule each event, user group, and game in the most efficient way possible to maximize everyone's ice time.  However, there are times such as overtime, injury or delays in hockey games when this is out of our control.

We assure you that each Learn to Skate class will receive their full 30-minute class, but NoCo Ice Center will not be held responsible for start time delays due to hockey games. We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your understanding and continued support.

Due to our extensive hockey schedule, we do not have a secondary day for Learn to Skate classes. Therefore, we cannot accommodate make-up classes.


If you register for the Hockey classes prior to completing the required prerequisites, your skater will be placed in the appropriate Snowplow Sam or Basic Skills class. No refund will be issued for this change.


You may register for class through weeks 1 and 2, however, we cannot prorate classes based on late registrations.

If you need to cancel the session, $16 is non-refundable once the session has begun even if you have not participated. 

For excused cancellations prior to the start of a session: If a skater participates in any classes, an additional fee will be deducted for each class attendance. 

Any participant that is a 'no call', 'no show' will not be issued any credit or refund. 

Other than medical with a doctor's note, no credit or refunds will be given if 50% of classes in a session have been attended. If there is a medical necessity, you may transfer a session that you have not yet participated into a future session.

All refunds will be issued as a check to the paying party. Please allow up to 2-weeks for processing.