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Click on the links to find additional information for:

  • Coaches -- How to become a coach and extending your knowledge and experience
  • Managers -- Key information to have to fulfill the role of team manager
  • Parents -- Code of Conduct and more in becoming a hockey parent
  • Website Help -- Helpful hints to manage your team's page on the NCYH website
  • Helpful Links -- Other websites to reference

OCR has partnered with several youth sports groups for this academic year including NCYH and the Junior A Eagles.

Additional Information to Know:

  • Four ATCs provide coverage: Allison Morrin, Ashley Smith, Kallie Petrie and Kylie Steffen
  • Parent literature from OCR at right
  • OCR has recently brought a neuro-psychologist into their Sports Medicine Team. Dr. Alissa Wickund is available for athletes suffering from delayed return to activity post concussion or any general concussion concerns. If you feel like your athlete  is in need of her services, OCR can put you in contact with her.